Review: The Faceshop Cushion Screen Cell

Hey everyone!
I am LITERALLY back, I have finally finished off my finals and now I'm free!
It's already been two days of playing various games without feeling guilty of not studying!
so glad my finals are over!
So how has everyone else been? It's been quite a while since I've posted but since I'm free, my posts shall be more frequent! thanks for being patient guys! <3
I've also been wondering whether I should start my own youtube channel to fill in the spare time I have but I'm not sure, it's quite scary :C ...
What do you guys think?

Anyways, today I am back with a review of a new type of Korean Cushion which is the Screen Cell from the brand The Faceshop.
(colour: 01 Radiant Beige)

When I first opened the package, I immediately fell in love with the simplistic white package. I don't know why but I love little full white things <3
Putting the fact that it has an amazing package aside, what I noticed that was different to other Korean BB cushions is that there was a screen covering the surface of where we usually dab the product to to the cushion.

 -The packaging is so cute!-

-The Cushion Screen-

FYI: I have finally gotten a better camera as well and instead of using my phone, I can actually take clear and close shots of objects!

So in my opinion, I reckon this product was produced during the winter time since the BB formula was mixed with various Korean Ampule Oils or otherwise known as oil based serums in order to keep the skin moisturised during the dry cold winds of winter.
I really recommend this to those that have dry skin to begin off, since it will keep it moisturised and hydrated throughout the day.
A little dab of the product goes a long way so beware of not pressing too hard onto the product!!
It does a great job of lightening your skin and making it look less tired; the coverage of the product isn't amazing but it does a reasonable job in wise of being a light BB cream.

I usually hate products that make my skin oily and sticky especially here in Australia it tends to get warm time to time, however this product doesn't clump up nor create a sticky feeling regardless of the fact that it looks dewy and soft.

Here I did a coverage test with a black eyeliner and a red dot to create a model of acne.

-little arrow is pointed to the fake acne. It is able to cover well over red spots-

Either ways I really recommend this product to everyone since it is worth the cost!
Bye for now and Thanks for reading!
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The Streets

Hey there lil sailors! ♡
its been a very long time since I've posted, I hope you guys can understand as 
my finals are really close now ;A;
stress is really piling, however gotta study hard for the last few days!
I shall be uploading the next contact lens review in the next post.
However, today I was able to go out (for once) and managed to take a few
shoots in regards to fashion -yay-
It is a casual, street-style look that can be styled in various different ways!

Recently, I've been really liking this Victorian Secret Pink Sweater along with the mesh around the shoulders. Since the weather here in Melbourne has been loosening up and slowly becoming a bit warmer, I thought a thin sweater like so would be perfect.

// Jeggings from Uniqlo // Sweater from Victoria Secret Pink // shoes from Korea

-posing was so awkward in public-

I realised that small in American size is way too big for me, so I had to tuck the sweater in at the front! so from now on if I get anything from America, it shall be ExtraSmall.

Such sweater is appropriate for street/hip pop style, if contributed with a warm flannel or even a beanie. Wearing  a skirt underneath the sweater can also make the look into a somewhat girlish attire. So since its probably going to get chilly around half of the world, these are some tips! Overall today was just a sweater day for me 
perfect when you can't be bothered dressing up
p.s platforms are a perfect in wise of comfortability that also make you look taller!
which I really needed for today, since I walked alot.

This was a short post, but I'll see you guys in the next one!
Bye for now and Thanks for reading!

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Bunny 3 Colour Gray Contact Lens Review (Sponsored by Klenspop)

Hey there lil sailors! ♡
Recently, I've only had time to do these contact lens reviews - not really a good habit, as I really want to post a variety of things more towards the fashion industry.
Regardless, being able to communicate and help you guys out this way is good too C:
I apologize in advance as my finals are drawing near and I must study hard for the

Anyways today I was sponsored by the lovely Klenspop again, with the
Bunny 3 Colour Gray

Feel free to use this 10% discount code!

Diameter: 14.5mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.3mm

Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 6 Months
Country of Origin: South Korea

-This packaging with the bunny girl is so adorable!-

-blend of colours ranging from black grey and brown.

-in light-

Overall Ratings /5

The design was very natural and to my liking as they are not that obvious that I'm wearing them unless people come real close to my face.
Overall the ombre and gradient effect of the 3 colours that blend together nicely, compliment the natural dark colours of my eyes without making it look too dramatic.
The thin black circumference of the contact lens also support the eyes to look a bit bigger than they usually are.


This particular lens was really comfortable and barely moved around. However after 6 hours of usage, I could feel that my eyes became a bit irritated and strained from the dryness. So in future reference, it would be great to carry around some eye solution to prevent that.
My most favourite part of this lens was the colour. The gradient blend of each of the colours made it look more natural and realistic, as I in my opinion really love natural looking contacts.
However, one disappointment of it was that, it wasn't as pigmented as I thought it would be. I recommend people with light colour eyes to definitely have a try of these and for the people of dark coloured eyes can try this for the slight colour enhancement.

As these lenses were more towards the natural side, not much enlargement is seen.

In regards to all the facts stated above, make these lens perfect for naturalness!

-Excuse my School uniform hehe-

This was a short post but I hope I will be able to upload more things soon <3
Bye for now! 
Thanks for reading!
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Madonna Violet Contact Lens Review (Sponsored by Klenspop)

Hey there lil sailors! ♡
It's been so long ;A;, finals are nearly soon and it's really busy busy busy!
any ways, as a comeback hehe
I've decided to do a short review on the contact lens
Madonna Violet

sponsored by the lovely Klenspop!
Feel free to use this 10% discount code!

Diameter: 14.0mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.5mm

Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 Year (max)
Country of Origin: South Korea

As always, the lenses were packaged cutely and safely within bubble wrap!
Comes with both a lens case and tongs. (is it called tongs? ._.)

-In more detail-These lenses tend to look unnatural as they are really 
dramatic in enlarging the eye circumference. However it was
just as comfortable and not painful as all. All the products
I have utilized so far from Klenspop has been really comfortable and not painful at all.
So pain free is always a beneficial factor!

However, I wouldn't go out on a daily basis with these lenses as they do tire my eyes out after about 6 hours, due to the thickness. They also tend to look black on the typical Asian
dark brown eyes and make it kind of alien-like? but honestly in my opinion I really dislike that factor.
Either ways, if its for party or some sort of dramatic vampire look; I would definitely recommend these lenses!

-As you can see here, I am wearing the Green Madonna lens on my left and the purple on my right. My eyes just look black. my cute little luffy's face doe <3-

Overall Ratings /5

The design was pretty, but in my opinion I rather wear contacts that look natural in comparison with dramatic.
But it is a pretty lens to admire within is lens case C:


They tend to strain or hurt my eyes after 6 hours but before that its all good!

The colour in the case is really REALLY pretty but like on black Asian eyes ;A; -sob-

Enlargement is a main touch within these lenses it would be perfect for a dramatic look, and would be recommended to use if doing a cosplay look or some sort of dress up.
It makes your eyes look very big and enlarged, so a good pointer for those who actually like the lenses that make the eyes look amazingly huge.

Really unnatural  but as said above, would be perfect for people who are into 
the enlargement of contact lenses and etc.

Overall, as always Klenspop has really great customer service and quick and fast replies if problems occur, and mainly the lenses are not that costly either compared to most online lens stores!

Anyways this was a short post, however I hope I will be able to upload more things soon <3
Bye for now! 
Thanks for reading!
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Hey there lil sailors! ♡
Two consecutive posts! goal achieved ahah
Today we had a athletic carnival and it is usually a tradition for Year 12 students to dress up related to one specific theme, which was Movies this year.
Along with a few friends, we all dressed up as characters from Harry Potter!
My reason for sharing this look is that, inspired by Hermione Granger I have created a cute, pulled together everyday look when excluding the Griffindor robe!

-I am wearing a Uniqlo Sweater in Grey, White collar shirt from Bardot, Skirt from Supre, Platforms from Korea and the Time turner necklace from Etsy-
*Griffindor Robe from Ebay

-Had to mess my hair up like Hermione-

Hope you enjoyed this fashion post
Thanks for reading!

TwoFacedMall Products

Hey there lil sailors! ♡
Really sorry about the somewhat late post, been busy as always! I've been trying to upload more fashion related posts; however never got the time to have a proper "photoshoot"
So I deeply apologize for the inconvenience. Eitherway as long as you sailors are happy with the makeup posts, I'll be glad to continue! C:

Just recently, I have received wonderful Korean make up products from TwoFacedMall!First of all I would like to state that TwoFacedMall is a wonderful website to order Korean Products that come directly from Korea. They offer cheap makeup and skincare whilst is able to internationally ship. Their costumer service is wonderful and at haste as they constantly replied to my emails quickly and sending the package rapidly aswell. Their products are very trustworthy, as the word of fake make up has been an arising issue the past few years.

I obtained four items:
Aritaum Water Sliding Tint
Colour: Rose Valley
Aritaum Stylepop Juicy Tint
Colour: Red Mango
Innisfree Eco Flower Tint Balm

Colour: Camelia
Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

I don't  usually pick orange or red lip products, as to my opinion it does not suit me ahah. However recently I've been having cravings to try new things and risk everything! Has anyone else had this type of experience before?? I'm so curious!

-The packaging for each product is so very cute and fancy-

I chose the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder due to the Korean Beauty Drama that was trending most recently within the korean youtube channel, InsiteTVWithin this particular 'love drama,' the protagonist consistently applies this product throughout the video, in ways of promoting as well as entertaining their viewers!
Please check out their Channel to watch the videos, in order to understand what I'm babbling about!

-swatched the lip products-
(from top: Aritaum Water Sliding Tint, Innisfree Eco Balm Tint and the Juicy Tint)

As you can tell in this photo above, along with all the lip products, the Innisfree Tint and the Water Sliding Aritaum Tint are very moist and glistening; one con for the juicy tint was in fact that the product itself was way too drying even with lip balm applied underneath.
The orange colours seemed really pigmented when swatched to my arm, however on my lips I couldn't really see any difference from my previous bare lip. Therefore, from this experience I shall not risk buying orange coloured lip products no more!!!

On the other hand, The water sliding Tint was my favourite out of them all, it had no weird after taste and kept my lips moist throughout a long period of time! I would definitely recommend this to people who want to try a less flashy bold red lip!

One con for this product is that the lipstick itself cannot be reverted back into the container like the common lipstick tube; for this specific product you only pull out the amount you'll use and stays the amount that has been pulled out! confusing ey? However this con can be ignored due to the quality of it!!

 -applied the Aritaum Tint-

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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Teacupcastle's Carousal Love Necklace Review

Hey there lil sailors! ♡
so how has everyone been? It's started to become really cold
here in Australia! The wind and rain just wont stop pouring.
However, fun fact:
I LOVE winter and the wind not so much the rain but hey to those winter lovers,
we can relate somewhat yeah?
Today I wanted to share for you guys a necklace sent from a Etsy Shop called TeaCupCastle!The owner of the shop and creator of all accessories sold on it, is all done by
the lovely and kind Angela!
She was so sweet and responded swiftly for the questions I had, overall great
customer service. However the most amazing thing was the fact that
all the products she sells, are all uniquely designed and made by her own hands!
Her talent for creating such accessories inspired by Japanese Anime to various cute items
really caught my eye.
Another benefit is that what ever your buying, it is one of a kind! so only you would be the one in the whole entire world to own such wonderful jewellery! -chuckle-

Here are a sneakpeak of some of her products:

-The necklace she sent me was in a small package with her card-


Such Intricate and fine detail is noticeable as Angela utilizes her time efficiently in order to complete her accessories with lots of love 

This is how it looks like when it is worn:

Isn't it gorgeous? The colour of the gold necklace to the white horse with the detailed gold lining is just stunning. The quality was just amazing aswell, it was better than most cheap accessory stores that many of us have access to. 
The horse and the detail along with the choice of the gold necklace was very well made. Overall I am amazed by the craftsmanship of the product and the reasonable price it comes with.

Ultimately, I had a wonderful experience with TeaCupCastle, from service to shipping and to the design and quality. I would recommend this shop for all people who are in desperate need of cute accessories!

Thank you to Angela for sending me the necklace to review and
thank you for all reading!

Too Faced: Matte Bronze Milk Chocolate Bronzer Review

Hey there lil sailors! ♡
Its been a while, hows everyone been?
I finally have a short break before more sacs come up in a few weeks time,
so I'm glad to be here writing another post for you guys.
Recently I purchased the Too Faced Matte Bronzer in Milk as always I'm here to review it!

As I have pale-ish skin, I decided to get the lighter shade, Milk Chocolate.
Therefore I am able to get a light complexion without having to look extra tan.

-The product packaging is amazing-

The bronzer is not too heavy, but really light and long lasting; other indviduals who 
want a darker complexion can always layer the coats or even buy the darker shade.In my opinion, regardless that is it branded it is cheaper than most branded products
and perfect for sensitive skin such as mine.Another plus to the bronzer is that, it is matte. Having a matte base within the bronzer is said to make the user look more slimmer rather than sparkly with shimmer which in the long run could make you look plumper.

-The bronzer here was layered multiple times so that it could be shown on camera.-

Overall the most beneficial aspect of this product is that it is made with
real cocoa and smells like chocolate. I seriously want to just eat it every time I apply! And also a small bit goes along way!!
I would recommend this product to people in search for a great matte bronzer!
Overall it was a short post but
 thank you for reading!

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Cute Asian Apparel from Syndrome

Hey there lil sailors! ♡
As always since my holidays have ended its been a sudden load
of endless homework and Sacs ... fun fun fun!
 However, during the holidays I stumbled upon a really fancy
and cute shop called Syndrome and fell in love with their clothing!
They have alot of great mixtures that ranges from Harajuku fashion,
Anime Merchandise (cosplay), Minimalistic and Monochromatic clothing etc.

Special Discount Code at the End of the post!

To begin, Syndrome is an online store that sells a collection of cute Street style fashion inspired by Asian styles from Korean and Japan. They offer various different
styles of clothing which include harajuku, anime, accessories, bags, and some unique items
that surely you'll love.

My personal favourites:

For Minimalists

Renowned Tee/Japanese Shirt/Baseball Tee

Cosplay / Anime Lovers

Kimono Dress/Maid Cosplay/Japanese Sailor Moon

Unique Items

Milk Carton Bag/Kitty Bell Choker/Sailormoon phone plugs
As you can probably tell, I really LOVE the streetwear look and cute bags that they offer.
Especially the renowned Tee and the Japanese shirt were two of my many favourites from Syndrome Store!
If you haven't already, you should visit Syndrome.
They have a variety of clothings to bags to shoes and accessories
that I couldn't fit into this post, but everything in the store
is cute and chic! 

Syndrome Store  // Discount Code 5% off: pastlies

Thank you fo reading !
I shall be reviewing the Too faced bronzer in the next one, so look out for that!