Missha The Style: Long Wear Cushion Lip Crayon Review

What's up Lovelies! 
Sorry again for the somewhat late post ;A; It's been really chaotic with the start of Year 12, High school..
Don't even let me start on the load of homework given every single day. -Literally Dying-
There is like no day to rest since I basically have a VSL (Victorian Second Language) school for Japanese every Saturdays! Tell me is there any of you out there that has school on a precious Saturday!?! ;A; It's TORTURE x.x
anyways, hehe don't let me ramble on about school, just stresses me out having the thought of the workload...
So today I've decided to do a Review in two colours of the Korean Brand
Missha The Style: Long Wear Cushion Lip Crayon Review.
In the colours:
 • Campaign Pink • Hug Orange
Okay to be honest, I don't understand Koreans and their choice of name for various make up product colours...


-the products-The packaging isn't really my ideal type of 'pretty' in comparison to Nars Lip pencils; I really like simple plain things hehe.The left is obviously the Campaign Pink and the right is the Hug Orange

However in comparison to most lip pencils, most Korean pencil products including this Cushion Lip Crayon is able to 'refill' itself just by turning the bottom screw bit of it ; such as when the pencil goes blunt some products, are needed to sharpen the point with a sharpener in order for a precise application. But in this case it is very convenient that this is able to basically be used constantly without shaving the edge.

-The Reason why it's called the Long Wear Cushion Lip Crayon-This cushion is used to blend the product evenly on the mouth; however I found it kind of annoying and frustrating to apply the product with the use of the cushion. Overall it was kind of messy aswell. But really it depends on the person using it I guess hehe

As you can see, the colours are very vibrant and pigmented. :3-One Point to Missha-

Here is an example of what the Campaign Pink looks like as a gradient and in bold.You can tell that the product is pigmented and very solidly coloured.

and now the Hug Orange! It is less vibrant than the pink since orange is not really a pigmented colour to begin with, but either way it is pretty solid regardless of the fact it is not a real pigmented shade.Fun Fact: People with a more warm / olive tone suits better with a orange colour and people with a lighter skin tone suits a pink. But doesn't really matter if you like the colour that doesn't match your tone, as its your preference hehe C:

-Do you like my little Loopy Mango Hat?-

As you can see here, pink makes the overall look on an individual to look more 'cutesy'
It makes you seem more innocent and more like a baby.

However with the Orange colour, its suits better with a more chic, sexy mature look.
Just with the difference with colours and various make up changes you can transform your impressions hehe C:

There are 3 other colours to choose from in this series of Lip Crayons.

Overall, Both the products are very long lasting, however it is a bit drying if there is no lip balm used before the application of the product. The Colours are really pigmented, therefore if you are looking products with a vibrant and strong tone then this product is just for you!
But then again it can be used as the light gradient effect also.
I rate this product a 8/10 as the drying concept of the Crayon is not really a good pointer and also as it also tends to become blunt at some point, as you can't really sharpen it. 
The beneficial facts include that there is no horrid after taste YAY! and its a vibrant and long lasting colour.
The cost is somewhat cheap in Korea, however here in Australia I paid around $30 for one which is a bit on the costly side and not worth to that point.
But Its still a new experience at least trying these crayons once, since they are convenient to apply; easy and simple!
Anyways Goodnight Lovelies 

Hope you enjoyed this review!
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Trips to Melbourne City Part II

Hey there Lovelies! Here's part II of Trips to Melbourne! 


Whilst continuing down the street of Flinder's towards South Bank, we walked in direction of the Botanical Gardens and ended up seeing the beautiful landscape, picture like views of Melbourne City from the Shrine of Remembrance.

-felt kind of awkward when posing for this picture lel-

These are the artefacts found within the shrine representing the dead soldiers names and medals of the anzac from Gallipoli.

We returned back at South Bank for some dinner <3
and waited for the rest of the group too catch up to us
whilst waiting we walked around Crown and took photos hehe

After dinner, we headed off towards to Eureka Tower, but considering we missed the time when the sun was setting; it was sad that we weren't able to get the last light of the sun on the 88th floor of the Eureka Sky Deck. It is the tallest building Melbourne, but the second tallest in Australia.

-dusk in the city-

-view from the 88th floor of Eureka Skydeck-

-Flinders station during night-

-Bourke Street with its pretty bell lights!-

That is the end of my Trip to Melbourne City Story heh
if there some other places you would like me to visit just let me know!

Part ! is here >>Trips to Melbourne City Part I<<
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Trips to Melbourne City Part I

 Hey there Lovelies 
School has started ;A; -sad-
I don't like forcing myself out of bed and trying to get ready for it.
Is it just Australia that everyone has to go to school at 9am? or is it the same?
Well all the lovelies that have started or starting school soon, good luck and continue smiling! C:
Anyways today I will be introducing one of the main areas of Melbourne, which is obviously The City of Melbourne hehe.
A few weeks ago I had some Korean tourists come along and asked us
 to be their tour guides -yay-
after such a long time, I was able to see the famous places within the city.

First I would like to introduce Melbourne Central, MC for short.
It is practically the shopping mall and the centre of the city called the CBD (central business district) and has various shops, food  courts etc

This is the very middle of Melbourne Central; this watch called the Marionette Fob Watch opens up from the bottom and plays a tune every hour which many people come to wait and see.

This is the other side from the clock which is the Coop's Shot Tower which was built in 1888, which still remains strong within the centre and the shopping centre was built around this prison in order to preserve history. The time I went to the city was around Christmas time, so there you have it; a beautiful man-made tree ^^

The roof right above the Coop's Shot Tower is a glass covering called the 'Glass Cone,' which from the outside of the building looks like a giant dome.

While walking about I found a little store library which I had never seen before..
Have I really not been here for that long? ._.

After a long walk, we decided to stop and replenish ourselves with a refreshing drink. It was a nice hot, sunny day which was perfect for a fresh Frappe.


Eventually we came by Bourke Street, which is considered  as the main street filled with various clothing shops such as Myer, David Jones, H&M etc. Lots of buskers and various musicians and talented people all come out of their way in order to show case performances to all the people shopping.

We quickly headed towards Flinders Station, but on the way towards it, we stopped by The Royal Arcade. The famous Macarons Store called 'The Little Royal Macarons' is known by many people who watch Running man (
, a Korean variety show where one of the members, Song Ji Hyo (송지효) had tried the petite sweets.
The second picture is a famous cake store within the Royal Arcade that goes by the name 'Hopetoun Tea Rooms,' the cakes come in manifolds of tastes and as it is very famous, there is always a que in order for people to go in and have a bite.

This is the famous Flinders Station located within the CBD

Right across the station we have the Saint Paul's Cathedral

And right across the street from the Cathedral, we have the popular entertainment grounds, Federation Square. Depending on the various events, talented people organise shows in order to perform in front of everyone a few times a month.

Anyways part II shall be up very soon!
bye bye for now  lovelies!

>>Trips to Melbourne City Part II<<
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