GBT GC2 Brown Contact Lens Review (Sponsored by Klenspop)

Hey there Lovelies! ♡
Today, as promised I shall be reviewing the second half of the sponsor
which is the GBT GC2 Brown Contacts from Klenspop.
You can go check out the previous post here.

So Lets just get straight into it! C:

Lens: GBT GC2 Brown Contacts
Bran: G & G Contact Lens
Diameter: 14.3mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.8mm

Water Content: 13.88mm
Base Curve: 8.8mm
Life Span: 1 Year (max)
Country of Origin: South Korea

These lens containers, for the first time in my life were tiny and cute compared to the
normal sized contact bottles. These bottles were half the size of
a normal container. ;A; should of put a comparison photo!

The pattern within the lenses are quite exquisite and unique, not the normal gradiation contact. It kind of reminds me of a flower; overall it kind of emits a yellowish tint rather than the normal natural dark brown tint. 

Compared to the Magic Mirage contacts, these were just a tad less unnatural and more 
dramatic in enlarging the eye circumference. However it was
just as comfortable and not painful as all. All the products
I have utilized so far from Klenspop has been really comfortable and not painful at all.

The pattern of the lenses are really eminent with the flash, however without it; in natural daylight it just looks like a normal brown pupil colour, just with abit of enlargement.

Overall Ratings /5


The design was pretty, but in my opinion I rather wear contacts that look natural in comparison with dramatic. Like you usually wear contacts in order to have natural looking big eyes right? ahah
But it is a pretty lens to admire within is lens case C:


They are so soft and comfy, they don't strain or hurt my eyes at all and manage to
do a fine job of not letting my eyes get dry. They move around along with my eye well
and overall my eyes do not get tired. Like all klenspop products C: So check it out!


The colour is more yellow than brown, however I really like the yellowish colour but it doesn't really make a difference on the eyes whether it is brown or yellow. I really would like to try a yellow lens in the future C: stay tuned for that <3


Enlargement is a main touch within these lenses it would be perfect for a dramatic look, and would be recommended to use if doing a cosplay look or some sort of dress up.
It makes your eyes look very big and enlarged, so a good pointer for those who actually like the lenses that make the eyes look amazingly huge.

Really unnatural  but as said above, would be perfect for people who are into 
the enlargement of contact lenses and etc.

Overall, other than the lens itself Klenspop has really great customer service and quick and fast replies if problems occur, and mainly the lenses are not that costly either compared to most online lens stores!

(myself with the lenses on)

Anyways this was a short post, however I shall be uploading more things soon <3
Bye for now!
Thanks for reading!
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Magic Eye Mirage: Brown Lens Review from KLenspop (Sponsored)

Hey there Lovelies! ♡
Well its been a few weeks since I last posted ;A; I've been out of ideas recently and due to various tests from school ;A;.
Eitherways how has everyone been? I would like to know what you guys

do for leisure after school or work etc C: 
ANYWAYS! Luckily holidays has just started here in Australia for two weeks so yay!
Klenspop has offered me two more of there lovely lenses to review this time
so I have received

The Magic Eye Mirage in Brown
GBT GC2 in Brown

However in today's review I shall be doing the Magic Eye Mirage first and the GBT GC2 another day! so yay instant 2 posts more! so keep a look out!

First of all within the package that I received contained the two boxes with the pretty
ulzzang looking girl, which both contained each pair of the lenses and a free lens case and tongs(is it actually called tongs? ._. or like Lens holders?)It was a good and different change from the last time I received a pair of lenses, as they didn't contain the packed cute boxes.So one pointer for cuteness :3

*note: for first timers, you must soak the lenses in solution for at least 8 to 12 hours
before inserting them in your eyes. As it may irritate them and  result in serious
eye problems.
And we don't want that at all! :C
So be wary of information before trying lenses
Kpoplens provide an information page so please read before purchasing
the products!

Diameter: 14.2mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Lifespan: 1 Year (max)
Country of origin: South Korea

So when I first opened these lens, to me they looked harshly pixelated and 
kind fake instead of real like. However the pattern looked somewhat a normal eye structure would do as there are definite strokes continuously.
However, I was wrong.. these lenses were amazing!

(can't seem to keep my left eyebrow straight ._.)
They were the most natural looking lenses yet. For those seeking for a dramatic type, I wouldn't recommend this product however for an everyday lens, its perfect.
They don't irritate the eye and feel so soft regardless of blinking frequently and
looking around.
It kind of makes your eye more alive! C: hehe 

Within this photo, you can tell it's really natural without a flashbut with one, you can tell how detailed and how close it is in replicated the exact eye patterns and details.

Overall Ratings 

The design proved me wrong! I thought it would be pixelated and very unnatural looking, however it was able to become one of my favouriteeveryday lenses I would wear. The Design and Pattern are just so similar to out natural eye 


They are just so soft and comfy, they don't strain or hurt my eyes at all and manage to
do a fine job of not letting my eyes get dry. They move around along with my eye well
and overall my eyes do not get tired.


The colour is very natural with its black ring on the outer whilst having a slight gradiation
into the dark milky brown


Enlargement is not the main aspect for these lens, however they do a slight enlargement 
perfect for everyday situations.


Don't even let me get started on naturalness. This product is the most natural lens
I've ever tried and overall with its design and comfy aspects, it is just
a must have for everyday wear.
anyways lovelies, check out Klenspop's website and consider their products!
They have a whole range of contact lenses and come in very inexpensive and 

reasonable prices!

sah natural 
 ♡ and eh please don't hate on my wet messy hair!

Anyways keep a look out for my second review and bye for now 

Thanks for reading!
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February Favourites

Hey there Lovelies! ♡
This week is a long weekend in Melbourne and therefore i have a little bit more time to spend on my blog ♡ Today I'll be doing a montly favourites of February! All these products were newly bought last month and really good in quality, and also most of them are drugstore products! yay! so they are very affordable! 
So to start of is the Neutrogena Hyrdo Boost Water Gel. 

This product is really high in quality since after using it for the last 2 weeks, my skin has gotten alot more moist then it used to. The water gel is very light weight and is asorbed really quickly so its not oily and left wet on your face for a long period of time. Overall another pointer is that, which i never knew, this product is made in Korea. C: Korean Products are always great in the moisturizing department! hehe  This product comes in a whole variety and a set, so im looking forward to using the other products.
The seond item (left) is The Body Shops' Tea Tree Oil. This item was recommended to me by a friend over in Korea as it helped the reduction and redness of acne; as tea tree oil is the natural reducer of redness in skin. It smells and feels nice on the skin as it once again is very lightweight, the redness disappears after a few days of applying the product!
The next product (right) is the Burt's Bees lip balm in rejuvenating with acai berryFor the longest time I have used the baby lips by Mabelline, and after finding this product i was able to move on as the moisturuzing aspects of this lip balm is first class. The smell and taste is delicious and it leaves your lips smooth. and its also made with natural products. I recommend this product to individuals with dry chappy lips c:
The next item is not a drugstore item however it is my number one favourite product of all time, as it is a holy grail for those with monolids. They smudge the least out of all of the gel liners i have used in the past. yay! 
It is the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner
It lasts for he whole day without any need to touch up and as a monolid specifically, Most eyeliners i tend to use smudge in like just 10 minutes; however it rarely smudges with this. so I recommend this to both people with or without monolids as they are really long lasting!!
The next item is the Loreal's Shine Caresse in the colour 200 Princess This item is somewhat sticky but the colour and easy application are the benefits of the product. Overall its cheap and can be bought at any drug store   

Overall my last favourite for last month is this pink shell massager from Daiso.
After watching ms Wengie's youtube videos , she mentioned this face massager couple of times. After applying a moisturiser or the water gel, you use the side with three bumps and use it to bring it up towards from the edges of your lips towards your temples.This product helps you to reduce puffiness and chubbiness of the cheeks and allow you to look somewhat thinner ahah
Anyways this was all of my favourites for February and please like this post if you would like monthly favourites like this one!
Thank you for reading and Sayonara!
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Mild: Subtle and natural yet, smokey Eye Look Tutorial

What's up Lovelies! 
It's been a few weeks since I've last uploaded.. the work load is slowly and abruptly increasing as Sacs are creeping along. Sacs are basically tests that you are ranked in within all of Victoria and overall counts in the final exam taken during the end of the course. stress is becoming a problem ;A; but I have to deal with it since I know other people who are just as stressed and under pressure as I am, its not very fair to state that I'm the only specific person in such burden C:
hehe anyways how have you been? Its nearly Easter soon here in Australia! chocolates mm 

Today I've decided to do my first tutorial, yay!
I've named this look as the 'Mild', as it
 is a subtle and natural yet a smoky eye look.
This is the look on me, as you can see there is no huge indication that I'm wearing any make-up at all but somehow it supports the eye to make them look somewhat bigger, and that is the goal for today's look!

So let's get to it! 

(p.s If there are any suggestions on how I should improve my tutorial posts, please let me know in the comments as I am still a novice at blogging hehe. Thank you)

Firstly, apply your normal day to day skin make-up such as bb creams, foundations or cc creams. I used the Innisfree: serum cc cream in the colour cover; in my opinion and due to my skin type, I don't really use foundation products as it is too thick.
anyways back on track,
complete all the basics such as eyebrows (straight eyebrow tutorial), blush and contouring.
Now apply a thin layer of either soft kohl brown eyeliner, or a light brown shadow on your eye lids, close to your lash line; then blend it out with a blending brush or sponge tip.

(monolids lel ;A;)

Once all blended like the pictures above, pull the shadow out to make a wing and bring it down to the under lash line; once again blend blend blend! 

Don't worry if you make a mistake and blend it out more upwards, just use a q tip or a cotton tip to remove the mistakes.
If you have double eyelids, make sure to pull out the shadow higher and over your crease line.
Now we'll add some gold shimmer...

The product I used here is the Etude House: Play 101 pencil in the colour 44

(I just realised you can barely even notice the gold shimmer -,-)
Apply it over, above the shadow and blend it with the brown so it doesn't glisten too much but still just enough to let it compliment the overall look.
Curl your lashes

Highlight the ayegyo sal on you eyebags with a light peachy or gold toned creme shadow before applying mascara.   Both of these concepts are needed in order to make the eyes look more opened and somewhat enlarged.

Mascara that was used here is the Holika Holika: Magic Pole Mascara (purple one, used for elongating the lashes)

For the ayegyo sal I have used the Intersense Power Point Eye in the colour 31 Gold/Beige

(how the colours look, from left to right highlighter, gold shimmer shadow and the brown eyeliner)

No fake lashes are need for this look, as we re going for a more subtle look! It's easy and simple, without much need of precision and great for individuals that have just begun to use makeup.In order to get a flawless eye makeup look is never to pack on various products, its how much patience is taken during the time you apply it and continuing to improvise various and new distinct looks.

I hope you try this look for yourselves and tell me how it goes!
If you want more tutorials like this please let me know as well!
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
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