Cute Asian Apparel from Syndrome

Hey there lil sailors! ♡
As always since my holidays have ended its been a sudden load
of endless homework and Sacs ... fun fun fun!
 However, during the holidays I stumbled upon a really fancy
and cute shop called Syndrome and fell in love with their clothing!
They have alot of great mixtures that ranges from Harajuku fashion,
Anime Merchandise (cosplay), Minimalistic and Monochromatic clothing etc.

Special Discount Code at the End of the post!

To begin, Syndrome is an online store that sells a collection of cute Street style fashion inspired by Asian styles from Korean and Japan. They offer various different
styles of clothing which include harajuku, anime, accessories, bags, and some unique items
that surely you'll love.

My personal favourites:

For Minimalists

Renowned Tee/Japanese Shirt/Baseball Tee

Cosplay / Anime Lovers

Kimono Dress/Maid Cosplay/Japanese Sailor Moon

Unique Items

Milk Carton Bag/Kitty Bell Choker/Sailormoon phone plugs
As you can probably tell, I really LOVE the streetwear look and cute bags that they offer.
Especially the renowned Tee and the Japanese shirt were two of my many favourites from Syndrome Store!
If you haven't already, you should visit Syndrome.
They have a variety of clothings to bags to shoes and accessories
that I couldn't fit into this post, but everything in the store
is cute and chic! 

Syndrome Store  // Discount Code 5% off: pastlies

Thank you fo reading !
I shall be reviewing the Too faced bronzer in the next one, so look out for that!

Nars: Satin Lip Pencil in 9208 Luxembourg Review

Hey there lil sailors! ♡
How has everyone been?
Today is the last day of term break ;A; nuu don't want to go to school yet.
So before I get busy again, just wanted to upload another post to keep you
guys interested ;)

Recently I've been interested in the Nars Lip Pencil ranges but couldn't get my hands
on them as I am a poor student who doesn't work yet. Due to
a friend, she has made me obsessed with the red-ish lip pencils.
So I shall be reviewing the newly purchased Nars Satin Lip Pencil in the colour Luxembourg

Before I start, anyone with a Nars Lip Pencil are we allowed to sharpen the pencil with
 sharpener? Since it looks like plastic, I'm not really too sure //

Here is the product, I don't know why but I'm so in love with the matte packaging.
It looks so chic and edgy despite the face that its only a lip pencil. To begin with
I picked this product thinking it was a full red shade, however it
seemed to have abit of dark pink mixed with it.

I was a little bit disappointed as I wanted a full red, my mistakes told me I should try swatch it before buying!
Anyways I wasn't fully "emotionally destroyed" after abit ahah C:

Left: Gradient (inner)                   Right: Full Lip

I came down to love it as it made my whole makeup look more edgy and 'party' like!

Overall the product was a tiny bit drying without lipbalm put under
however, it was really pigmented and long lasting.
And in my opinion in comparison to the Missha Lip Crayons, the Nars Lip Pencil is abit more
costly and not as moist than the Korean lip crayons. But hey
the packaging is nice and the brand is well known so why not?
Therefore, it would be better just buying one pencil rather than the whole range.

Eitherways, Joanne must go do her late holiday homework
so off I go ;A; Bye sailors till next time!
Thanks for reading!

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Hey there lil sailors! ♡
aha why are you called sailors you ask?
I feel like that I needed a suitable name for you guys in regards to my last
name, which is moon. There for maybe you are the sailors to my moon?
cheesy aye? ahah
Shows my Love for you all! hehe 

Anyways today I would just like to show my outfit of the day
and since its my first 'fashion' post please let me know
what I can do to make it better for you guys!
Either ways I didn't get enough time to take front photos to show a front
view of  my outfit, so I hope you guys can understand!

 Sweater from Hollister / Shoes from Windsor Smith / Shorts from Dotti / Sunnies Clubmasters (Ray Ban)/The lake in the background was basically a reservoir which I used to spend with family as a child and have occasional picnics and what not; however I don't lucidly remember any of it
but it is very familiar. aha
Have you guys ever felt like that?

T'was a short post but more will be up soon! 
Thanks for reading and bye for now!

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